Outdoor saunas are very popular these days, due to the fact that they can beautifully complement your garden, and they are a fantastic way to relax and improve your overall health. Furthermore, they are more efficient than indoor models. Increasingly more people opt for them, and they are really pleased with what they have to offer. If you would like to own one as well, but you don’t know what to choose, then you should have a look at the following best products that can be found on the market at the moment.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Saunas Comparison

Image Saunas Price
 NLCT barrel sauna kit

1. NLCT barrel sauna kit

  • Barrel design
  • Made of 100% clear Western red cedar
  • Uses a stainless steel wood fired heater
  • Includes a 5-year warranty
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 Almost Heaven Saunas Audra canopy barrel sauna

2. Almost Heaven Saunas Audra canopy barrel sauna

  • Barrel design
  • Durable western Canadian red cedar construction
  • Uses a 4.5kw stainless steel Finnish-style heater
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
Allwood barrel sauna

3. Allwood barrel sauna

  • Barrel design
  • Made of slow-grown Nordic Spruce
  • Uses a Finland-made Harvia M3 wood fired heater
  • The warranty is not specified
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 4-person outdoor sauna hemlock

4. 4-person outdoor sauna hemlock

  • Chalet design
  • Solid Canadian waterproof hemlock wood construction
  • Uses 8 XL high-quality ceramic far infrared heaters
  • Is backed by a 10-year warranty
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Sunray Cayenne 4-person

5. Sunray Cayenne 4-person

  • Chalet design
  • Made of natural Canadian hemlock wood
  • Uses 8 ceramic heaters
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty
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Highest Rated Outdoor Saunas Reviewed

NLCT Barrel Sauna Kit Review

If you are looking for a high-quality outdoor sauna, then we strongly recommend this model, which comes with hand finished benches, glass door, and a large wood-fired heater as well, so that you experience the most wonderful sauna bath. This fine hand-crafted unit is made of clear western red cedar. Thanks to the unique cooperage barrel design, a superior steam and heat circulation will be provided. Furthermore, the sauna will quickly be installed in any room. The heat will circulate evenly due to the round corners of this unit, and the barrel design has 23% less air volume to heat. The unit also features a tempered glass tinted window with an insulated cedar door. The interior is quite spacious, and it will accommodate up to 6 people. There are 2 hand-finished clear cedar benches. Each seat is at a different level so that you can actually select the appropriate seat to match your body size and adjust the different temperatures. The straps are made of 304L stainless steel, and the manufacturer guarantees that they will never rust. The heaters are made of Stainless Surgical steel which will also never rust. This sauna is sold in a knockdown kit for an easy assembly on site. Its beautiful design will definitely enhance any setting. There is also a hi-temperature sauna light and a cedar duckboard floor that will keep feet dry and warm. A 5-year warranty is provided.

Almost Heaven Saunas Audra Canopy Barrel Sauna

This wonderful unit will comfortably accommodate up to 4 people. The porch is quite attractive, and it provides a cool-down area and a place for towels and drinks. The pleasing barrel shape is not only very stylish but functional as well, as it actually provides maximum usable space while it minimizes excess cubic feet. The less cubic feet of air a sauna offers, the faster the room will actually heat. In addition, the unit comes equipped with opposing benches that run the full length of the room, and it is heated by an exceptional 4.5kw sauna heater. The heater requires 220v/30 amp service, whereas the sauna light requires 110v/15 amp service. This barrel kit comes to you partially assembled from the factory. However, the assembly is very easy, and it can be accomplished in just a few hours. The unit comes mounted on polymer cradles, which are impervious to breakdown by the elements. Therefore, you can place it right on the bare ground. The mounting holes that are molded into the cradles will allow you to anchor the sauna to a patio or deck, in case you prefer a secure installation. You will definitely appreciate the craftsmanship and quality materials that this sauna contains. Another great thing about this unit is that it is backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty.

Allwood Barrel Sauna

The Allwood Barrel Sauna is another great choice because, thanks to the cylindrical shape, it is possible to provide a natural continuing air circulation. The air is actually pushed back on the round walls. Moreover, you will certainly enjoy those longer steam cycles while you will be able to save money on energy. This wonderful sauna is without a doubt built to last. Therefore, your investment will be a long-term one. The unit features roof shingles which will add to the lifespan of your investment. The frame is quite sturdy and the front and back walls are made from 1-5/8 inches slow-grown Nordic Spruce. Did you think that this is everything? There is definitely more. The Allwood barrel sauna also features a tempered tinted glass door, separate intake/outflow air vents, and 2 industrial grade stainless steel bands with fastener mechanism. A partial assembly is required. However, you will certainly find the whole process a very easy and quick one, even if you do this for the first time. The design is an attractive one, and the unit will beautifully complement your garden, not to mention the wonderful effects it will have on your overall health.

4-person Outdoor Sauna Hemlock

This wonderful 4-person outdoor unit comes equipped with 6 ceramic far infrared heaters, which will provide a very comfortable heat that will not make you feel like you are suffocating. You will actually feel very comfortable and you will quickly experience a deep relaxation, not to mention the wonderful health benefits that this sauna offers. There is a digital control panel, very easy and convenient to use. The roof is fully shingled and 100% waterproof. The unit also features a weather sealed tempered glass door and 2 glass windows. An MP3 / auxiliary input for iPod, iPhone with 2 speakers are also provided so that you can listen to your favorite music while you take a relaxing bath. There are 4 LED reading lights. The unit disassembles as easily as it assembles, and it warms up in about 30 minutes. The operating temperature is between 110F and 140F, in comparison with 160F to180F how traditional steam saunas have. Inside you will find 2 comfortable benches. The double wall construction is sturdy and durable. There are also other features such as an adjustable temperature: 77F – 140F, a timer Setting: 0 to 60 minutes, non-toxic finish on the outside, 8 heaters, and a residential warranty of 10-year. This is an ETL Listed product.

Sunray Cayenne 4-person

This unit is spacious enough to accommodate 4 people. It comes equipped with 8 ceramic heaters that will quickly and efficiently get the sauna to the desired temperature. There are also 4 movable ergonomic backrests for a high comfort, an oxygen ionization system that efficiently purifies the air, recessed interior and exterior lighting, and an FM radio w/CD and MP3 so that you can listen to your favorite music while you have a hot bath. Moreover, the unit comes equipped with cup holders as well. The Cayenne is very easy to assemble, and you will surely be able to do this in a quite short period of time. The natural Canadian hemlock wood enhances any outdoor patio setting. This sauna measures 72 x 52 x 83 inches. The smooth and naturally appealing will definitely be to your liking, not to mention the fact that it is durable as well. The manufacturer provides for this item a 7-year structural warranty. This is an ETL/CSA Certified product, which means that it meets all US and Canadian electrical safety standards. All in all, with this modern sauna you will surely manage to improve your overall health, relax after a long day at work, reduce stress in your life, and more. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to go for it, in case you are actually planning to purchase a unit like this in the near future.

Particularities of Saunas for Outdoor Use

Saunas designed for outdoor use have the strong advantage that they can be mounted outdoors, thus not limiting your indoor space or forcing you to make changes to your house. These stand-alone units come as kits that can be installed on site so that you can have your sauna ready to use in a few hours. They are very similar to the indoor saunas, showing resemblances in construction, operating mode, and features. However, the main difference is the suitability to outdoor use that is due to a series of particularities, as follows.


The construction of the sauna is very sturdy and durable in order to make it weatherproof and resistant to humidity. The most commonly used material is wood, such as Canadian Hemlock, red cedar, or nordic spruce, all equally resistant to moisture, heat, and direct sun rays. As for the shape, the most popular are the barrel saunas and the regular chalet saunas. To ensure maximum protection in any type of weather, they have a shingled roof that draws away rain or snow. To ensure air circulation and to prevent any sort of accidents, all saunas must come with air vents that provide ventilation.

Type of heater

Any type of sauna includes one of two versions of heaters, namely one that uses wood or infrared heating panels. As such, these units can be powered either by a wood-burning heater combined with rocks that must be watered to create steam or carbon heaters that emit infrared heat. Both types are suitable for use outdoors and each has its benefits to your health. Traditional wood heaters remain the favorite of people who want to enjoy a steam sauna while the infrared heating panels are gaining more and more popularity among sauna enthusiasts.

Installation and operating

Outdoor infrared saunas are more pretentious when it comes to installing them, considering that you must have a power source near and you must remove any moisture source such as a well. Given the outdoor environment, it could be more difficult to install the sauna near a power source. In case you opt for a wood-fired sauna, installing it is simpler and more user-friendly than in the case of infrared saunas. You can install the sauna anywhere you want, without being conditioned by a power source. All you have to be careful about is the venting that must be properly designed. However, the infrared sauna is more convenient due to the control panel that allows you to set the desired time and temperature. In the case of the wood sauna, you must gradually add wood and water the rocks in order to increase the temperature and to create steam.

Building Your Sauna or Buying it-Which is Best?

Before making the decision of buying an outdoor sauna, you must know that this implies a large investment that requires plenty of thinking. These units can cost a few thousands of dollars and they also require some landscaping changes in order to provide them with electricity and water. When you have two alternatives when it comes to getting a home sauna, and those are either buying or building it. Our article will help you make up your mind that showing you what each of them implies. Before deciding what type of construction to pick, you must first ensure you have room for it and that you can supply it with electricity. Some people also like to install a shower near the sauna to ensure a complete spa session. Also, bear in mind that being an outdoor unit means that the place you find for it is permanent and that you must invest in quality materials that will last throughout the years. If you decide that you want to build it, you first need to find out how to build a sauna from scratch, which are the materials you need and whether or not you can do it yourself. You will need to buy the wood, the hardware, and all the interior accessories. Let’s not forget about the heaters, that can be infrared or wood-powered. If you are not a handyman, you will likely need the assistance of an electrician for all the wirings, which is the most important part in obtaining a safe unit. The overall costs, however, will be lower than in the case you decide to buy a sauna kit, but people who prefer hassle-free home improvements decide to buy the sauna. Buying an outdoor sauna is more convenient, although the costs are higher. You will receive the entire wood frame, the interior, the heaters, and all the electrical parts. All you will have to do is assemble it and have it hooked up to an energy source. The market abounds with outdoor models that work either on infrared heat or on wood so you can enjoy the comfort of an infrared sauna or the intensity of a steam sauna.


  • Are Outdoor Saunas Weather Resistant?

    Since this type of sauna is particularly made for outdoor use, it features a durable construction, so you will be able to use it for a long period of time. Most saunas are made of high-quality materials, with thick walls that can easily withstand harsh weather. So, no matter if there’s rain, snow, or powerful wind storms, an outdoor sauna will stay in place.

  • How Much Time Does an Outdoor Sauna Need to Heat Up?

    In comparison to indoor saunas, outdoor ones need more time to heat up during the cold winters. This is absolutely normal, so you should give them a little more time to reach the desired temperature. A traditional sauna usually heats up in 30-40 minutes while an infrared one in 15-20 minutes. However, for outdoor saunas, you should wait 10 or 15 minutes more to make sure they are ready to use.

  • Where Is the Best Place to Install the Sauna?

    You can install the sauna pretty much everywhere. Nevertheless, you have to consider some aspects. For example, the base has to be flat and solid enough to sustain all the weight. Also, you should think about privacy or distance to the house if you want to make your experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

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