There is no mystery behind the fact that they draw their huge popularity based on the fact that they provide a series of amazing health benefits to those who use them. But what the vast majority of the people might not know is that there are certain rules that must be followed for them to actually get the health boost they’re searching for and to not endanger their health. If you are conscious about your health and well-being, and if you truly want to unwind and have fun when using the sauna, make sure that you check out the rest of this article. Here, we will show you how you must proceed to properly use it and have a great health improving experience.

Take a shower first

No matter if you are going to use a sauna that you own and that doesn’t get used by strangers, or if you go to a spa to use it, the first rule that you must always follow is to take a shower before entering this hot and sometimes humid environment. By doing this, you get rid of all the germs and bacteria that reside on your skin, and you reduce the chances of creating a bacteria-filled habitat. Therefore, you must make sure that you never get inside without being properly washed to ensure that you won’t infest this space with harmful germs and bacteria.

Drink at least two glasses of water before entering

Even if you will use an infrared sauna instead of a traditional unit, you will still sweat a lot. This means that your body is going to lose a generous amount of water due to the high temperatures of the environment you’ll be in. To make sure that dehydration won’t occur and that you will be out of harm’s way, you have to drink at least two glasses of water before entering. Only by doing this can you ensure complete safety during the entire experience, being able to fully enjoy it.

Saunas and alcohol don’t mix

It’s known that heat and alcohol don’t go very well together so make sure that you keep this in mind next time you take a session. Under any circumstances, don’t drink alcohol prior or during the session as this can seriously affect your health. The main risk is of injuries like sprained wrists or ankles but things can get even more serious and you could suffer a heart attack or a heat stroke because your heart will have to pump blood faster and alcohol will make the job harder. Bottom line, never mix the high heat and alcohol!

Bring a towel to sit on

Just like with the first rule that we have talked about, no matter if you’re using a home sauna or one at a local spa or gym, it’s crucial for you to bring a towel to sit on. By doing this, you avoid sitting with your bare skin on the germs and bacteria that others have left behind or that have multiplied in the humid and hot environment, thus protecting yourself from such unpleasant occurrences as skin rashes and infections. What we recommend you do is to bring a cotton towel because this type of fabric is of a superior quality not only when it comes to how it feels against the skin, but to how well it resists when confronted with such an environment and the bacteria found in it as well. In addition, sitting on a towel is going to help protect the wood benches, keeping them looking perfect for a longer time.

Leave your jewelry outside

Without a doubt, the last thing that you want to happen is to harm yourself in any way. For you to stay out of harm’s way, there is an important detail that you mustn’t skip on, the detail being to leave your jewelry outside of the unit. When jewelry enters into contact with the heat of this environment, the pieces get extremely hot, leaving painful burn marks on the wearer’s skin.

Don’t overdo it with the temperature even if you’re not sweating

One of the most common mistakes is to turn the temperature as high as possible in order to sweat excessively. Instead of being overzealous and trying to push your limits, you should take it slow with the number of degrees and have patience when it comes to sweating. Therefore, instead of taking any chances by turning the temperature up, take it slow, starting with the lowest temperature setting that the unit provides. You might not sweat at first, but in time this will surely happen and you will get the detoxification and weight loss session you deserve.

Limit the sessions to 15-20 minutes

Of course, we can’t conclude our article without mentioning the ideal time span that one should spend in such an environment. This has to be mentioned because many people make the mistake of sitting inside for a lot longer than it’s safe for their health. The ideal amount of time to spend in this hot environment is 15 to 20 minutes, anything that goes over this time limit putting you in danger of a heat stroke or dehydration.