IR saunas are the type that emits infrared light that is turned into heat absorbed by your body directly, without first heating the air around you. This direct absorption brings many health benefits and makes it an incredible means of relaxation and health improvement. Once the infrared light gets into your body, you will start feeling the multiple benefits that it has on the way you look and feel, benefits that we will describe more detailed in the following lines. Considering that infrared light can penetrate the human body in depth and that it has a beneficial effect on many organs and systems, there is no wonder that it has become more and more popular compared to the traditional sauna. They are more accessible and preferred by so many people because they create heat at lower temperatures, which makes them easier to bear by people who can hardly tolerate the high temperatures created in traditional units. The heat created is similar to the heat created by the sun and has the same effect that makes you sweat, only that the sweating is deeper into your body.

What are They Good for?

Ever since saunas were invented, people enjoyed their relaxation effects and used them to get rid of all the tension and pain accumulated in their muscles. As time passed and technology evolved, people discovered that there is more to exploit than the relaxing heat, so they started using it for medical purposes as well. They learned that the high temperatures had healing and detoxifying effects on the human body, so they turned them into therapeutic means. Infrared units were the peak of scientific discoveries as the infrared heat is known to be more beneficial than regular heat. Therefore, infrared units are packed with a wide range of health benefits, depending on the type of infrared rays they emit.

What Type should you Opt for?

There are several types that differ according to the type of infrared heater they use, but the basic working mode remains the same in all the types. What differs is the way they react on your body and the benefits you enjoy from using a particular type of infrared light. You can either opt for a far infrared one, a middle infrared one or a near infrared one, each having its ways of getting into your body.
  • The far infrared type

    use ceramic or metal heaters that spread heat so you can relax in any position, and you will receive all the beneficial warmth of the heaters. The heaters are placed on every wall and even on the floor, so the heat will reach your body from every angle.
  • The middle infrared type

    it emits middle infrared light and also brings its contribution in helping you improve your overall health. Choosing the type you need most should be based on each type’s health improvements so you will be able to enjoy the session to the fullest.
  • The near infrared type

    use incandescent heat lamps that emit heat that can be concentrated on one part of your body, depending on your position. Near infrared heaters are placed on one wall so they focus only on one part of your body that is facing them. This aspect allows the near infrared heat to penetrate your body more deeply, so the effect on your organs is more intense.

The Benefits of Far Infrared Light

  • Detoxification

When you feel hot, your body automatically sweats as a natural reaction that allows it to cool down, but it also helps the body remove the toxins it carries inside. Far infrared units manage to send the heat deep into your body and force it to sweat at a cellular level, which is the ultimate way to eliminate toxins and impurities that get inside your body.
  • Lowered blood pressure

By forcing your body to sweat in depth, the far infrared light makes the heart pump blood faster, thus increasing the blood flow, lowering the blood pressure, and improving the blood circulation. This helps people with high blood pressure adjust their blood flow and eliminate the risk of stroke in a safe way by simply using it a few times per week.
  • Relaxation

Saunas have always been used for relaxation, above all, because the effect of the high temperatures on your muscles is a soothing one. The advantage of a far infrared one is that the heat created is softer than the one in traditional models and the relaxing feeling is more intense. While the infrared heat is working on your body, you manage to relax, eliminate the tension in your muscles, and you will even notice improvements in your sleep. At the end of each session, you will feel more energized and invigorated, and your overall mood will improve.

The Benefits of Mid-Infrared Light

  • Improved circulation

Mid-infrared light also influences your blood flow by heating your muscles the same way they heat up during exercises. The best part is that you can increase your blood flow up to twice the normal rate without straining your body with rough workout sessions.
  • Weight loss

In case you didn’t know, using it can also help you lose weight by burning up to 600 calories during a single session. The secret is in the effort your body puts into cooling down from the high temperatures, resulting in an accelerated metabolism and heart rate that promote weight loss.
  • Pain relief

The deep penetration of the tissues, joints, bones and muscles allows the infrared heat to alleviate minor pains you can experience after an injury or an intense effort, but it’s also helpful in relieving chronic pain caused by severe diseases like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Infrared heat therapy is often used by physicians who treat patients suffering from painful conditions.

The Benefits of Near Infrared Light

  • Improved immunity

Same as the other types, the near infrared one influences the circulatory system and delivers more blood to the body’s cells, which results in a better detoxification that improves the health of every cell, helps tissue recovery, and strengthens the immune system.
  • Wound healing

Due to the deep penetration of the tissues, the near infrared heat manages to promote wound healing in a better way than the other types of heat. Your skin cells tend to regenerate faster so the wounds close and heal, and no infection will appear during the healing process.
  • Anti-aging

Your skin benefits from the infrared heat in many ways, including a healing effect on each of its layers that reduce the risk of scars and acne signs. Applying infrared heat to your skin increases the collagen production and reduces wrinkles, and it delivers an even skin tone.

Additional Benefits

You can extend these benefits by adding some accessories, such as an oxygen ionizer or a chromotherapy lights system. The oxygen ionizer releases oxygen and negative ions into the air in order to help you breathe better and eliminate the impurities and germs that tend to gather in humid places. The chromotherapy lights have the ability to extend the benefits of the infrared light by creating a full spectrum of 7 colorful lights, each having the purpose of reaching a certain organ and improving its functioning. Visible radiation colored in orange, red, and yellow stimulates organs like the kidneys, liver, and adrenal glands.