The majority of websites collect all sorts of information, including personal information that can be used in your detriment. It is therefore important to read the privacy policy offered by the website in question, to find out whether it is safe to have information shared on it, with or without your consent. Our website collects information to allow us to improve our services. However, because we value your privacy, we strive to keep your personal information secure. For this reason, we have put together this privacy policy to provide you with details on how safe your personal information is with us and to talk about other important matters, such as third party links or cookies information.

Why we gather information

The information that we collect or receive from the users has one main purpose: to help us analyze the traffic on our website and therefore understand better which are the main interests of the user. This way we can use the information gathered to improve our website according to the needs of the user. We value our customers and we are continuously looking for ways to improve out website.The information that you provide us with is extremely useful for us, in the sense that it helps us make some changes in how our website develops. Our website uses cookies, which is a popular data collecting method, that help us convey information to us about how you, the user, use our website. We are able to monitor the pages you view, the links you click on and other actions that you may take while visiting our site. Whenever you visit this site, we may send a small text file that contains alphanumeric characters (Cookies) to your computer that allows you to navigate faster through our website. The cookies are stored to your computer’s hard drive and if you choose so, you can remove the cookies. However, some features of our website may not function as well if you choose to block the cookies. What is very important to mention here is the fact that the cookie file does not hold personal information or dangerous files.

Information that we collect

We do not collect personal information, such as your username or e-mail address, unless you want to provide us with this information by completing our contact form. The reason why we use a contact form is to provide you with special assistance, in case you need further information regarding a certain product or you have some concerns that need to be addressed as soon as possible. The form can be found on our contact page and it generally requires information such as your username and e-mail address. After completing this data, you can move to the next step, such as writing a subject and your question or message that you want us to receive. Because we value your privacy, we will not pass the information from the contact form to a third party, nor will we use it without your consent. The type of information that we collect is solely technical. The technical information is mainly related to the type of browser you use, your browsing preferences or your interests, and it is mainly used to determine which is the best way to improve the services that we offer and provide you with a better experience while accessing our page. Although the data collected allows us to see the IP of your network, we do not use this data to identify you, find your location or retract personal information from your computer.

External links

On our website, you will find external links that redirect you to specific websites. The websites that you access can provide you with more information on a specific product. By accessing the external link you can also learn more information regarding a subject that may concern you. The websites we direct you to are called our affiliates and by participating in these programs, we can make a commission. This is possible only if the user clicks on the external clicks. The commission that we receive is not obtained from you in any manner or form. BestSauna.Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to