In case you want to lose weight from your belly area fast and with minimum effort, you can resort to the infrared sauna belt that virtually melts the layer of fat in your abdominal area. The infrared heat created by this device is highly effective in making you sweat thus, eliminating fat deposits along with the body water. All in all, having a sauna belt at home provides many benefits, starting with the comfort in use and the rapid results. Knowing more about these slim belts and both its pros and cons and being aware of the top rated products will make sure you will enjoy the best performance, so we advise you to keep on reading.

Top 5 Infrared Sauna Slim Belts Comparison

1. InfraMat Pro Belt-T
2.Amethyst Crystal Radiant Heat
3. MediCrystal Amethyst Belt
4. Tek Widget Far Infrared Sauna Belt
5. Velform Sauna Belt
Far Infrared Belt with Amethyst Crystal Radiant Heat Therapy Picture
MediCrystal Amethyst Belt Picture
Tek Widget Far Infrared Sauna Belt Picture
Velform Sauna Belt Picture




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Product Specifications

Sensible Decisions Inc.
Tek Widget
Dimensions (L x W x D)
54″ x 10″ x 1.2″
50″ x 8.5″ x 3″
55″ x 8″ x 1″
43″ x 8″ x 1″
47.3″ x 8.7″ x 0.3″
Weight (pounds)
14 Layers of Textile Materials + 181 Pieces of Tourmaline Stones
Textile Materials + Amethyst Stones
Textile Materials + Amethyst Stones
Textile Materials
Power Supply


Far Infrared Technology
Release of Negative Ions
Wave Length Range
5-14 µm
4-16 µm
Temperature Range


LED Display
Adjustable Length
Up To 50″
Up To 55″
30″ To 43″
Adjustable Temperature
Heat Settings
2 (Low, High)
2 (Low, High)
2 (Low, High)
Automatic Shut-Off Timer
12 Hours
5-60 Minutes
50 Minutes
Remote Control
Carry Bag
1 Year
1 Year
2 Years
1 Year
1 Year
Online Support
User Manual

Reviews of the Best-Rated Infrared Sauna Belts

InfraMat Pro Belt-T

Unlike many other belts, this one is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, it is safe to use with the condition to follow the manufacturer’s indications. It wraps around very easily and you can use it while performing your daily activities or when you exercise. It not only helps reduce abdominal fat but also alleviate moderate back pain. The multiple features of this particular belt make it a nice option for both men and women who what to enjoy the benefits of infrared heat.


The construction of this belt is different from most similar products and for this reason it is more efficient. It is made of 14 functional layers and includes an impressive number of tourmaline ceramic stones. No less than 181 pieces with a diameter of 1 inch are found in the belt. All the materials used are durable and flexible, so it can easily take the shape of your body. In terms of safety, the sauna emits an infrared level ranging from 5 to 14 µm.
  • Velcro closure: allows you to adjust the belt for a comfortable experience.
  • Protection against EMF radiation: comes with multiple layers and an advanced filter that help reduce EMF exposure.
  • Negative ion technology: releases negative ions which are known to bring many health benefits.


Using the InfraMat Pro Belt-T is very easy and the fact that you can customize it according to your preferences is an advantage. The manufacturer added many nice features just to make sure you take the most out of it and achieve your goal.
  • Handheld controller with LED display: once you attach it to the belt, the controller allows you to set the desired temperature by a simple touch of a button.
  • Automatic shut-off: for safety reasons, there’s a 12-hour shut off timer.
  • Carry case: protects it during storage periods.

Amethyst Crystal Radiant Heat

Another comfy and durable belt that combines the power of infrared technology and therapeutic stones is this one that includes amethysts that conduct heat. It can be worn by anyone willing to lose some belly fat and to improve their blood circulation, two goals that are achieved through the FIR technology and the negative ions release. In terms of versatility, this belt is the perfect option. It has two adjustable heat settings that range the temperature from 104 to 185F for a very intense sauna session. Moreover, it can fit many users thanks to the adjustable length. The sauna slim belt comes in a carry bag and can be operated using the included remote control.

MediCrystal Amethyst Belt

If you are a fan of the therapeutic effects of the amethyst stones, this slim belt will surely meet your requirements. It’s made of textile materials that make it very flexible and comfortable to use, without being rigid hard to fit. The adjustable length means it can be worn by many people, regardless of their weight. This belt has several heat settings, the lowest of 80F and the highest of 160F so it can be used either for relaxation or for weight loss purposes. The heat can be adjusted using the remote control that comes with the belt. While the belt heats up, negative ions are emitted to promote a better blood circulation and to allow you to relax even more. Keep this belt in the best shape by always storing it in the carry bag it comes with.

Tek Widget Far Infrared Sauna Belt

Our next choice uses only infrared technology without the added benefits of either tourmaline or amethyst stones, hence the lower rank. Still, it manages to heat up very fast and at high temperatures of around 140F so you can rest assured knowing that it will actually work in relaxing you. Many people use it for losing weight because the heat forces them to sweat and to eliminate body water and with it, some toxins. The velcro straps allow you to adjust the size of the belt so that it will feel tight around your waist. Using the remote control, you can select between the two heat levels or you can set the belt to work for intervals of time from 5 to 60 minutes. All in all, it’s a very good sauna that provides great results.

Velform Sauna Belt

The last sauna belt that we recommend you to use comes from Velform and it’s a renowned product that has pleased many users. The quality leather it’s made of guarantees that it will last for many years of use and that the heat will be evenly distributed. Still, it will not feel as hot as the other models so it’s best to use it as a relaxation and detoxification means rather than as a weight loss aid. The remote control lets you choose the desired heat level or to set the timer for 50 minutes. Other than that, there aren’t many features included by this belt, not even a carry bag.

DURHERM Far Infrared

This model will offer deep heating and infrared penetration. The digital multi-level remote control will allow you to choose the temperature from 95-degrees to 140-degree Fahrenheit. Which means that you will be able to choose the temperature comfortable for you. In addition to this, the belt measures 30” x 43” x 8” but it can be adjusted through the Velcro. However, please note that the maximum waist size is of 43”. As well as, the timer setting can be adjusted from 5 to 60 minutes. The instruction guide will let you know how to operate the belt properly. You should use this model for back pain lumbar support, and abdominal stretch marks.

Final Considerations

From our point of view, the winner is InfraMat Pro Belt-T. This model is made of superior materials. It has no less than 14 layers of textile materials and an impressive number of pieces of tourmaline stones. Additionally, the 12-hour automatic shut-off timer allows you to conveniently set the desired length of the session. We also like MediCrystal Amethyst Belt as it comes with a 2-year warranty. All the other models are warranted for a standard period of 1 year. It is made of textile materials and amethyst stones. These stones allow heat to better penetrate the skin providing great relief to those who suffer from joint pain. Of course, the choice is all your and no matter what you will pick, you can be sure you won’t be disappointed with any of the models selected by us.

How to Operate a Slim Belt

These belts are incredibly easy to operate, which is good news for those who are interested in using them. In order to use this product, all that you have to do is to place it around your abdominal area and adjust it so you get a snug fit. Fitting is the most important part, so make sure it fits you perfectly and offers you a comfortable experience while wearing it. After you put on the item, you must adjust the temperature as you please. What we recommend is that you take it slow in your first sessions, and try to not exceed 120°F for your body to get accustomed to the temperature. After a couple of sessions, you can slowly raise the operating temperature of the product for the sweating to be more intense. In case you have a model that features an automatic shut-off timer, set it to shut off after the desired period of time. Just like the temperature settings, it’s best that you take it slow the first couple of sessions to allow your body to get accustomed to this experience. In case the model that you have invested in doesn’t come with an automatic shut-off timer, you will have to do this procedure manually when you want to turn it off.

How the Belt Aids in Weight Loss

The first thing that everyone praises about these sauna belts is the fact that they aid in weight loss. But is this true, can the belt actually help remove the unpleasant fat? You will surely be glad to find out that the answer is yes, this item being ideal when it comes to the removal of excess fat and even the toning of the skin. Seeing how the tummy is the most problematic area of the body when it comes to losing weight and shedding fat, it’s more than necessary to have some additional help when you’re trying to improve the way your body looks. Of course, you shouldn’t only rely on this type of product alone and expect for it to do miracles. To get the most optimal results in a fast time, you have to switch to a healthy diet and exercise at least 20 minutes per day as well. A small tip that will help you a long way in your weight loss process is to wear the infrared sauna slim belt when you’re exercising because the sweating and shedding of fat will increase even further.

Health Benefits

Just like other products that use the far infrared technology, it comes with a multitude of health benefits that you will enjoy if you use it regularly. Therefore, don’t overlook this small item if you want to improve your overall health because it has surprising properties, to say the least.
  • Remove toxins from the body
The health benefit that is worth mentioning first when it comes to using such a product is the fact that it helps remove the toxins that reside in your body. Of course, it helps remove the toxins in the area on which you apply it. With the toxins being released through sweating, your overall health will increase and you will feel better after each use.
  • Relief of back pain
Back pains are inevitable, all of us experiencing them at one point. They are an even bigger threat for those who have to lift heavy items on a regular basis or those who have desk jobs and sit in uncomfortable positions on chairs. Fortunately, this product is the perfect solution to go with in order to relieve the growing back pains. The far infrared heat that it emits relaxes the muscles in your back, relieving tension and making you feel better with each use. Therefore, if you want to get rid of back pains fast and easy, make sure to put the infrared belt around your waist.
  • Relief of muscle spasms
Muscle spasms appear without any prior notice, and they come accompanied by an unbearable pain that makes it hard for you to even move. If you get muscle spasms in a certain area, just surround that specific area of your body with the belt and let it do its job. The infrared heat that it emits will effectively relieve the muscle spasms. Also, if you use it repeatedly, the muscle spasms will surely go away for good in a matter of days.
  • Improved blood circulation
If blood circulation functions normally, all of your organs will perform at their highest rate and you will have an overall great health. To aid your blood circulation, you should use this product by applying it around your waist or any other area of your body, and let its infrared heat technology work its wonders. The best part is that as your blood circulation increases, you will even notice a positive change in your mood and you will feel more energized as well.
  • Weight loss
We have already discussed the subject of these products and weight loss, so we won’t emphasize on it too much in this section. As we have already mentioned, due to the fact that this product makes you sweat, it helps burn calories and fat at an accelerated rate. Therefore, you will have the perfect body of your dreams faster and without putting a lot of effort into this task either.

What Are the Cons of Using It?

You know what are the pros of using an innovative unit like this, but are there any disadvantages at all? The truth is that there are. For example, if it is not being used properly it can cause chafing, acne, or heat rash. These health affections can also appear if you have a very sensitive skin and if you keep using it even if you are not allowed to. Furthermore, there are users who say that it is quite uncomfortable to wear an infrared sauna belt. It also seems to increase the risk of heat-related illness, and the overexposure can cause dehydration. There are voices who say that this belt does not provide long-term results and that it can also cause electrolyte imbalance which may cause cramping. However, you as a user should draw your own conclusion, especially because it is not scientifically proven to be effective.

Common side effects:

Although not very often, sauna slim belts can hide some unpleasant side effects either due to improper use, a malfunction, or incompatibility with your body. Knowing which these side effects are can help you avoid them, so here are the most common ones experienced by users.


The most frequent problem with overexposure to a slim belt is burning your skin. Due to the direct contact with the skin, the sauna belt can get very hot and cause burns. This is why it’s advisable to wear a shirt to protect your skin from the intense heat and never exceed 45 minutes of use. Also, if the sauna shows any signs of damage or tear, stop using it as it could cause shortcuts that can cause severe burns.


The main effect of the sauna belt is sweating and in case you use it for a prolonged time, too much water will come out of your body. To prevent this from happening, drink plenty of water prior and during using the belt. If you feel weakened and dehydrated, stop using the sauna and drink water to restore your body water level.

Increased body temperature

Because of the high temperatures reached by the sauna belt, your body could also become hotter as the core temperature rises. Although it can have great results in relaxing the muscles and accelerating blood circulation, overly increasing your body temperature can also result in heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The best way to prevent such a problem is to avoid using the sauna belt with warm clothes and in high temperatures. Ensure proper ventilation in the room and wear light clothes so you will not feel too hot.

Electrolyte imbalances

Another serious problem that many people ignore is the electrolyte balance of your body that manifests through muscle cramps. In such cases, you must stop using the belt and drink a sports drink that is rich in electrolytes to restore your body’s natural balance.

Skin conditions

The side effects of the sauna belt can also be visible on the outside in skin conditions such as rashes and irritations. While you have the belt on, sweat is held against your skin, keeping fresh air from reaching that area of your body. If you use it for too long, your skin might become sensitive and develop acne or rashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Is an Infrared Sauna Slim Belt Better Than an Infrared Sauna?

    An infrared sauna slim belt is not necessarily better than an infrared sauna, but it’s more efficient when it comes to helping you reduce abdominal fat. If we consider the overall benefits one can get from using an infrared sauna, there’s no doubt that a slim belt can’t offer you the same advantages. However, the main purpose of a sauna belt is to speed up the weight loss process for a particular area, that is the abdomen, chest, tights, and so on.

  • How Durable is a Slim Belt?

    In general, if properly cared for, an infrared sauna slim belt can last for many years. Most models are made from high-quality materials, so they will certainly stand the test of time. In order to maintain the belt like new, you should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the user manual.

  • Can the Belt Be Used by Both Men and Women?

    Yes, both men and women can use the belts. Most models allow you to adjust the length in order to get a snug fit.

  • Is the Belt Safe to Use?

    All the selected models are safe to use as they emit low EMFs. At the same time, they are carefully made to provide a safe operation at all times. However, if you have any medical problems it is recommended that you ask your doctor's opinion.

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